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NOT-S is a screening instrument that may be used to identify orofacial dysfunction in children aged three and older, in youths and in adults. The screening comprises a structured interview and a clinical exam and may be conducted by a variety of professional groups in dental and health care.

About NOT-S Development

NOT-S was developed in a joint Nordic project under the auspices of the Nordic Society for Disability and Oral Health (NFH). The work was conducted by a working group consisting of the dentists Merete Bakke, Copenhagen, and Birgitta Begendal, Jönköping, and the speech therapists Anita McAllister, Linköping, Lotta Sjögren, Göteborg and Pamela Åsten, Oslo.


NOT-S includes a structured interview and a clinical examination consisting of six domains each. The interviews contains the domains (I) Sensory function, (II) Breathing, (III) Habits, (IV) Chewing and swallowing, (V) Drooling, and (VI) Dryness of the mouth. The examination includes the domains (1) The face at rest, and tasks regarding (2) Nose breathing, (3) Facial expression, (4) Masticatory muscle and jaw function, (5) Oral motor function, and (6) Speech. One or more 'yes' for impairment in a domain resulted in one point (maximum NOT-S score 12 points).  

Content and Ordering

NOT-S consists of an illustrated manual and a screening form that are translated to all Nordic languages as well as English. The illustrated manual can be ordered via the Mun-H-Center’s homepage.

Requirements for translation of NOT-S

Download the Guidance to NOT-S

Download the illustrated manual as a PDF

Nordic languages and English


NOT-S in Danish
Responsible translator: Merete Bakke.


NOT-S in English
Responsible translator: Anita McAllister.


NOT-S in Finnish 
Responsible translator: Anneli Yliherva.


NOT-S in Icelandic 
Responsible translators: Elin Svarrer Wang and Ragnheidur Hansdottir.


NOT-S in Norwegian 
Responsible translator: Pamela Åsten.


NOT-S in Swedish

Other languages

Brazilian Portuguese

NOT-S in Brazilian Portuguese 
Responsible translator: Marina Severi Leme.


NOT-S in Chinese 
Responsible translator: Tailun He.


NOT-S in croatian
Responsible translator: Ana Malkoč and Ivana Miler.


NOT-S in Czech
Responsible translators: Juraj Traurig and Marietta Tesarova.


NOT-S in Estonian
Responsible translators: Veronika Raudsalu, Inna Marats, Tiiu Soopõld and Anna-Liisa Sutt.


NOT-S in French 
Responsible translator: Martine Hennequin.


NOT-S in German
Responsible translator: Frauke Mueller.


NOT-S in Italian 
Responsible translators: Claudia Fortuna and Andrea Ruggeri.


NOT-S in Japanese 
Responsible translators: Kenichi Goshima, Kumiko Kawashima and Hiroyuki Miura. Backtranslation: Kaoru Oyaizu.


NOT-S in Latvian 
Responsible translators: Eva Purina, Lolita Cibule, Andra Greitane, Ija Bauska, Ilze Blumentale and Ilze Klatenberga.


NOT-S in Portuguese 
Responsible translator: Rita Santiago.


NOT-S in Romanian 
Responsible translators: Carolina Bodea Hațegan and Dorina Talaș


NOT-S in Spanish 
Responsible translator: Joaquín Masoliver.


NOT-S in Turkish
Responsible translators: Alev ALAÇAM and Arzu Şükran İNCİOĞLU.


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